Dear Blackberry

dear spent and tired metaphore
for all things beautiful with thorns,
which is all things beautiful,

i am sorry we have placed the concrete
of the city around you I am sorry we have
asked you to grow and surrounded you
with concrete let me tell you
about wilderness and being lost
though you are used to teach the same
let me show you the leaves against a river, open
though you teach some in turn
let me show you the rivered footsteps

you look, implored, to this in my hand
with your petal-mouth open, asking
this i am holding is a pencil
i will use it to forget
i will use it to remember
did someone plant you here?
did you enjoy the fight
against the bricks you've pushed aside?
did you turn them up with laughter?
their bellies are prostrate to the sun
these bricks, an offering
I will mark their lighter bellies with my pencil
see, blossoms, I have drawn you
here, by your roots, so in the winter you'll remember
I have drawn you, open,
so in the winder you will mourn
I have drawn you open
and in the winter
you will mourn

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