Our Lady Asphault

while we're on the subject of french-canadian curses,
the pilings stand proud,
with the dock, since rotted, easy to imagine
a far reaching shadow self
ribbed tools, new handled, old irons
did you sleep or were you penciled in?
red white and blackhead spangled children humming theme-songs
book cover judgers singing show me the rope swing
oh this old mirror thing?
its just something i throw on when i dont care how i look.
its just a cootie catcher
it's just an archipelago of clouds above Chernobyl
and as workmen met etcetera
to mend the steps
the outstretched sound they made
becoma both the stuff of regret and its reverse:
a good brick wall
Dvorak mezzanine
paydirt, cypress, windsor cherry pie
an applecat
thrill seekers, a book of names,
the whitehaired  man cursed with the granting of wishes--

I am selling shoes to a crowd of 5-day working class
who are singing to their hostages
'I will be the father of my future children'
'do you want us to order more sandwiches?'
they follow
'did you see the newscast?'
'we can take turns' they sing,
'climbing the fire-escape,
we can take turns'

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