Ludlow and the Lumberjack

 behind the door was a small room with a window and no furniture except a low mahogany desk. it had a plate with seeds or nuts on it and there were two crows standing over it, leaning down but looking up at me without curiosity.
 the window was closed and it smelled musty like it had been for weeks.
 'not that way' said the secretary, reaching around me to close the door.

she led me onward from our hallway into an other, moving too quickly for me to ask about the birds. I'd let this one sit. I was here to find out about the lumberjack
and i couldn't get rabbit trailed. she stopped me in front of a back-lit frosted door that read

 'Mr. Gambit'

and underneath that:

She left me there and i knocked. I was scared to crack the glass, so when i knocked it was too quiet to seem intentional. All i heard from behind the door was silence and  couldn't knock again. so i sat down against the wall opposite and I pulled the rest of the pastrami out of my coat. it was cold and the tomato and beef had become one. It was like a wedding of the two inside the bread in my hands and my mouth and stomach were the honeymoon.

 I was wiping my hands on my pantlegs and humming Wagner's wedding march when Gambit finally showed, stepping out of his office with a parcel under his arm, and starting back in when he saw me.

'I'm looking for the lumberjack' I said, all hard-boiled and getting to me feet.

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