HamletHair's Call For Submissions

  • I'm hoping for hamlet hair
     to be a publication that accepts 
    pieces that don't necessarily 
    have a forum already. 
    really crazy poetry and idea pieces 
    rather than only publishing formulaic 
    writing because it has a precedent. 
    I'd like to have a place where recipes 
    and sketches and one sentence poems 
    are respected as much as
     iambic paragraphs and angular photography.
    HamletHair is also, hopefully, 
    going to celebrate the simplicity 
    that is usually inherent in the creating of art.
     Take the editing process off its 
    publish art that, like a stair-case,
    is not an escape from the moments 
    in which it's read, but somehow a part of them. 
    creating a feeling, rather than describing one.

    the influences are going to be
     Horta, Roy Lichtenstein, 
    Richard Brautigan, Aesop Rock,
    Cabaret Voltaire, Mike Wiley,
    and the complex smells of my home town.

    the submission deadline is christmas. 

    • anonymous submissions will be considered, but will be saddled with random pseudonyms- so i encourage people to make up a name rather than let me do it. open a dictionary and point, it isn't that hard.
      erik riley
      grocery lists, 
      other languages, 
      sound poetry, 
      mike wiley,
       all ideas welcome

      except bad ones.

      submit to: hamlethair@gmail.com


    1. i believe in wiley

    2. What a wanker that willey fellow. I hear he poops in women's bathrooms only!