Topiary in the Garden of Regret, Redon, and de Larmessin

to all you scientific reason seekers-
grades outstanding, young
and eager to deconstruct
my A-stereotypical social handlings;
you can draw a pie-chart for my lampings,
but know we do not get to chose
how we feel,
we get to choose the rest.

so the sun went down-
it usually does.

it may have been a sight to see,
(as all sights tend to)
but i'd rather see and sing it,
smile and leave it,
remember and forget it
maybe live and go on living it.
let it sit and sweep
the specifications under the carpet

if you take the time
to research why a rainbow's red to purple,
why a sunset sneezes red then falls asleep
forget your fear of being blinded by the wool
life'll pull the whole sheep over your eyes.
so go outside,
and don't let research make you miss the sunset.

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  1. http://abandonedart.org/?page_id=571

    Art is the tree of life. Science is the tree of death.
    w blake