one more rant before i'm back to scrubbing windows.

I slept until the sunlight
through my window
woke me up.

then yawned,
rolled onto my side
and sipped my coffee cup
thinking the best layed plans
of mice and I
are out there
waiting for a pick-me-up.

my waiting is an active proposition
a proactive opposition and
an act of propositioning
the parts to sum to
something greater
than themsleves
and something
bigger than the act
they're pre-positoned with.

(ok ok ok)
we may not know what it is,
but it's big
(is it?)
it's big and it's legitimate

but nothing's
bigger than the now
because we're living in it.

and fear sentiment's ok
because we're bigger than it.

and nine-to-five resentment
fine if you're not swimming in it.

if you're unhappy.
there's no sense standing
around waiting to land some
grand 'i told you so'

I'd rather spit a 'so it goes'
and get on
with the going of it. 

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