envelope and penny pushing. seurat, herge and warhol

I want to take a time-bath 
in your hair, 
which you would let down
while i brushed my teeth.
for years this 
has clothed me
like a name.

but now that I
have learned to recognize 
the surfacing 
of latent dreams
I don't yet know-

now that I've pushed 'abandon's both
and envelopes-

and now that i will soon be asked
by time 
to put my books and clothes into 
3 boxes, 
leave the rest, 
and pay for school in retrospect-

I feel almost ready to stay in bed
after warren wilson's 
and my night together

waking up in cotton 
breast-draping t-shirts, still soft
from the way night-dreams
make all things soft
in the half-light
while wood-baked secadas

want, along with me, 
for the sun-beat heart-wood
of your unbraided waterfall 
to share my fingers 
with the bedsheets I have here.


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