This, Like All Things Will

The Bookshelf sat breathing
cats and dogs.
Infinitely stern in her beauty
and unwilling to give up listening.
I smiled teeth
and asked her for something
to which she responded by asking for the same.
and this, like all things, either will
or will not happen.

That evening found me laughing dreams with
pizza and fireball.
Music played
and in the dark, narrow hallway rooms i found
it hard to walk past the people, older than myself,
without stubbing their toes.
I stepped on one girl's foot with my own.

The affair was unintentional,
but without apology.
the boy beside her with an arm
eyed me in my look
and told me
kick my asses
as i continued to walk past.

those kick my asses, like all things,
will either happen
or it won't.

I asked you to meet me
to which you said you would.
and this, like all things, will
either happen
or it won't.

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