SaltPeter, Mayonnaise, and Mr McGreggor

Some of you may know peter cottontail 
as one of the many small animals i keep in my desk-drawer.
some of you may know other things

but here i am 
on the eve of a long bracelet 
of a fishing boat trip
from seattle north

and what I'm doing is listening to The Saltpeter Wars.
the Iris Apfel of the music word
which is made up of the raw
carrot stems
of Jacob's desert wrestling match
with Mr MrGreggor,
which is to say-

but wait, stop, 
reverse and all that
it is as much about the great 'one, two'
as it is about the lifelong confusion 
of us humans
who got stuck with internal combustion engines 
that both
feed and feed from 
our passion.

The album, which also got stuck 
with a combustion engine for guts,
will be released on JUNE 18 
the folk-hinge Desert EP
and will be available online somewhere.

When asked by the Pale Blue Atlas Club
 about life and The Saltpeter Wars
Peter Hochstedler said:
"i wrote most of the record. . . "
and went on to say:
"while i thought i was losing my mind."

Salt-Peter is one of the few people i know
who has remained in
but not of the world of
reduced-fat milk.

and like jesus, he is scratching words into the dirt
trying to get the old people to leave
and the young people to follow

while listening to the saltpeter wars
i google-searched immages for mayonnaise
which might sound like a metaphor, 
but isn't.

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