Free Willy, Sea Legs and the World's Stern and Infinate Beauty

here in the concrete,
the venues at which we disseminate
are ordained by real, dying flowers-
which of course begs
the conclusion that the foreign accents
are real as well.

the day before i hit the city,
i sat shotgun
in olympia looking up with hope
of seeing Venus
as she transversed the sun
for the last time until 2117.

what i saw instead was a bright spot
for the rest of the week
and a populated train station.

Then, as  T. Van Gogh
gave me directions to the the upstairs bathroom,
and again as i closed said bathroom door,
I gained a greater understanding
of this word's stern and infinite beauty.

Life is like this:
Life is made up of the
irreconcilable difference
between having to pee
and not having to pee.

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