everything and nothing, left-handed gunmen, and sylester coffee

And so it begins.
This week I will become my own foil-
on a limb and living from a backpack
layered under the pacific's rain and
taking all my meals over a campfire
and I will be sore and tired when it
will matter most to not be.

The salmon season itself will be described
plenty, but the first adventure is showing up.

Will and i meet up in seattle and hit
the road from there. the plan is to
thumb it through BC with a ferry
ride here and there that will jack-knife
us into the ALCAN
But Will's captain has a new boat somewhere up that way.
which might be doing twenty knots
all the way to kenai. Up the abcdefg pacific
coast of canada and through half of alaska's beauty.

with travel,
as with all else,
there is no such thing as 'out of your league'
there is only timing.

so if the timing is right we'll be a week
and a half up the pacific coastline
with a frenchpress and a stack
of vonnegut, williams, brickfoot,
hemmingway, forrester, yeats,
and canned vegetables.

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