Gladhanding Arcimboldo's Grocer

I met Rasputin near the deli bar
at mr. Kroger's market.
We were looking at the same pile of bananas
he picked up a clot.
I saw my chance and asked him how they felt.
"how do they feel?"
"fine" he said
"not too soft?"
"not too soft."
"I'm brickfoot," I offered.
"Oh." he said and moved on to ogle a pyramid of apples.

I said things under my breath
so he could hear me muttering.
Then I pushed my cart toward the free samples
of champagne and book signing near the double-door.

I saw him later filling a bag
with olives at the self-serve.
he was saying something
to himself about art students
and his beard was dragging in the oil
with the olives.

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  1. Is this the same Rasputin that caught fire?