DADA, Robin Goodfellow, and a list of rules

Dear Scooby-doo
where are you?
we have a lot
on our minds
and here's a list of rules.
line them up like little soldiers.

Always leave when the lights are out-
If you will do it for them, you will do it to them-
Never drink with your shirt off-
If you love it let it go-
If you can justify doing something, don't ever be ashamed of doing it-
If you can't justify doing something, don't do it-
People are important-
Don't lie-
Nothing is about winning-
Don't get caught-
Don't let affection's infinite divisibility get you down-
Don't settle-
It isn't always bad to be forgotten-
Don't let fear hold you back-
Don't boast-
If you're in a wedding, go-
Sorry means you won't do it again-
You don't have to do anything-

If someone talks, listen-
There is no such thing as age-
You can't be mad at someone for telling the truth-
It takes too hands to clap-
Complaining is not allowed-
Get consent-
Don't make assumptions-
If you want to be alone, you probably should be-
Fear is a bad reason to do anything-
if you want to known, ask-
Speak softly-
Don't flirt-
Don't kill yourself-
Don't take yourself too seriously-
Life is short, fight-
Don't do anything you'll forget-
Always stand up to shake hands-

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