Rubber Bands, YSL, and Every footsteps are those footsteps

Dear Rubber Bands,
First of all, thank you for sending those bottle caps.
few people know what treasures there are to be found.
and most of them write childrens books
that i will never read.

Life on this pole of the puddle
is overstimulated with sunshine,
art, and heartache.

Kelsey gave me cologne
left over from the 'try me'
at the market.
it is called 'la vie la mort'

which means I now smell like life and death
with undertones of cardamom.

If your offer still stands to walk along the subways
and pawn off tops, I'll send a package soon.
Which I'll do either way.
YSL may want to buy some.
you could give him one free in fact,
as a thank you for the shirt i wore yesterday.

It is a life we know
and do not love
and so it begins
every car is that car
every voice is that voice

1 comment:

  1. Once an offer is made, it continues to stand.
    I dreamt last night that I received oodles of letters in the mail. I think I woke up smiling.