Rome, Chess, and Fresh Cut Strawberries

Dear Idlewild,
I know we're both afraid of feeling
that we are just like everyone else.
(even if we show it in different ways)

In Caesar's age,
they used to say that
all roads lead to romance.
or something like that.
which makes me want to
work on boats,
stay away from women
and improve my game of chess.

and I know it has the same effect on you
even if you tend to
deny the gambit
and show fatigue.

I cut fresh Strawberries into my granola
for an early afternoon breakfast.
(is it like this in death's other kingdom?)
and I wished that you were here.
And I wore a T-shirt and took life
by the twice-rolled hem of the pants.
and in the words of Vonnegut
'so it goes.'

I'll see you at times,
Mika's on the radio,

We may be the doubters,
but we are not the doubt.

Ours was the second house from the edge.

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