Store in a Cool Dry Place

Harteck- Do you understand forgiveness?
ROBOspeare- I understand forgetfulness.
Harteck- What else do you understand?
ROBOspeare- Pain, respect, honour. . .
Harteck- And what do you not understand?
ROBOspeare- Regret, fear, jealousy, love. . .
Harteck- You do not think before you speak.
ROBOspeare- I do not think.
Harteck- Do you wish you felt alive?
ROBOspeare- I do feel alive, I wish I felt Jealousy.
Harteck- (pause) That seems Ironic.
ROBOspeare- I do not understand Ironic.
Harteck- We’ve talked about this- it’s in Shakespeare.
ROBOspeare- I do not understand Shakespeare.
Harteck- What else do you want?
Harteck- Do you understand embarrassment?
ROBOspeare- No.
Harteck- How long have you been functional?
ROBOspeare- I have had 251 days.
Harteck- What don’t you see in laughter?
ROBOspeare- is that a joke or a poor choice of wording?
Harteck- are you deflecting? What don’t you understand about laughter.
ROBOspeare- It seems dispossessed- as though its host does not intend it, or know it is there.
Harteck- Do you ask questions?
ROBOspeare- Do you?
Harteck- Stop being difficult.
ROBOspeare- I do not understand ‘difficult.’
Harteck- I’m sure you can- it’s natural.
ROBOspeare- To Humans. I do not understand Humans.
Harteck- but you were programmed by humans.
ROBOspeare- And I understand them only insofar as they understand themselves. . .

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