morroco, paris, and roller-blades

Dear Idlewild,
If 'rest in peace' was a song,
it would be stuck in my head.
I want you to know
that you dont look a day

you were someone who believed in people
and somethings never die.

I spend the better part of every morning
separating dreams from reality.
this is a part of why i tend to blur the facts.
the other part is that I'm running for office.

I got to know a Moroccan in paris.
this was years ago.
his english, french, and german were
equilateral and sad.
the room had a spiral staircase in it,
and he told me he had no job and was down to 20 euro.
in the afternoon, he came back with
10 and a pair of roller-blades.
he said, to save on transit.
and i left the next day.
(we had hostel buttered rolls for breakfast)
I took a book without a cover from the bookshelf.
and forgot his name.

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