Idlewild, denny, and taking life by the shake of the hand

Dear Idlewild,
I wrote you a letter when you admitted yourself.
before that point, i'd thought poetry was enough
to keep us all from needing help.
and to keep us all out from the loony bin.

After six months, the letter came back to me
'return to sender'
I did not open it, but but wrote a new letter,
and put both into a larger envelope.
I found your new address, and tried again.

Dear Idlewild,
I went through a hard time,
and since i'd given up resending your letter,
I played pass the parcel with myself.
there were three envelopes,
and an endless count of pages and book cuttings.

I now think the letter was written for myself
(it was what I needed to hear)
It said this: 'Der Welt is alles, das der Fall ist.'
It took me nearly ten pages,
and it took Wittgenstein eight words.

'The world is everything that is the case'
and there is an emptiness in each of us
which can
or cannot be filled
but which, in either case,

I will call this emptiness

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