momento mori, birds, zippers, and there is no spoon

I put my pants on in the dark
and I spent the morning
with my fly as open as the earth.
With embarrassment,
I found this out and closed it.
I was walking up steps when i noticed.
I stopped and looked around to zip it.
I used to do the same on purpose:
zip it down and laugh,
because people see and feel like
letting me know would be the awkward part.

I realize how much time changes people.
Young kids do not understand windows.
The same is true for birds.

Kirkegaard did not say that
purity of heart is to balance wanting more than one thing.
And there is a semantic difference
between homeless and houseless.

I'm busy sitting in the kitchen making spoons bend,
so i'll set the mirror out my front door
to face the day for me.

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