Brickfoot reached out his hand to the pumpkin-spice small of her back

If you must know, i'm still alive. . .
and recklessly so.
I've been doing my part in the Barbary coast war.
I took my pirate ship up Acheron and stole things.
I was Orpheus.

Life's been three of Shakespeare's plays in each two weeks.
there have been lightning storms and snow.
the tea water swelled to a boil.
I made card board furniture
they gave me a prize and two thumbs up.
'good luck'

I've been transposing robot interviews from my mind.
you will see them soon.
I'll write them here.
I'll tell you where i found them, and how i got out.
I did not look back.
If worse comes to worse, you might cry,
all the same I think it's worth it.

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  1. Everything you put on here always makes my day. Especially in this case, obama fist bumping someone.
    But mostly, your writing is so full of life.