veni, vidi, left well enough alone

I went to the symphony last night.
Everyone's hair was gray and the burberry scarves were real.
some people didnt have hair, but for the most part,
the audience was a printer's drawer filled with Q-tips.
If i could, i would sit in the side seat of a car for the rest of my life.
If i could it would be night.
I like seeing lights pass and be passed without knowing what they are.
if you squint enough, chrysler neons and cityscapes look the same.
red light, white light, black.

I like the phrase 'leave well enough alone.'
I tell it to myself when i wake up.
I use it as a greeting when I pass people on the street.
I stand up to shake hands and say it.
I answer classroom questions with it.

I never listened to it.
it's tattooed on my eye lids.
its not even there in the mirror.
not with both eyes open.
not with all sails unfurled, three sheets to the wind.
not with "hello im me and you're a dream, i think."
not with springtime buddy-system symmetrics.
not with 'tell me about the place you're from.'
'tell me what makes you feel'

'Can you teach me to make my son a harry potter wand?'
'We bought these tops for our future children'
'Im writing another cookbook.'
'These will be used as rewards for my autistic son.'
'Will this get here by valentines day?'
'I feel alive.'
'You're not so bad.'

'give me liberty or leave well enough alone'
everyone's founding fathers loved it.
lived by it.
put it on a t-shirt.
oh say can you leave well enough alone?
sleep in by the dawns early light?
we left well enough alone
last night too.
and the night before
give us this day our daily trout fishing in america.
and leave well enough alone.
veni, vidi,
Left well enough alone.

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