sheep's clothing, sunsets, and 'hit the road jack'

The world started out filled
with empowered and self-actualized men and women
singing 'hit the road jack' to themselves
as they feather-dusted their hobby spaces.
All it took to end this dream were a few wolves in their merino sweater.
(cashmere might sound better, but the adage won't ring true.)
These wolves in sheep's demeanor
take any chance they get to test the buoyancy of their own egos.
They stand up tall and send fewer postcards than they get.

I've asked myself what I'd do in the face of a Godsent burning bush.
The truth is I've seen plenty and kept my shoes on.
California summers have whole forests worth.
News anchors blame them on cigarette butts sent out car windows.
The ash falls for miles and weeks.
The pillar of smoke is a beacon,
I spent four months watching it in the distance.
and truth be told,
it makes for such a lovely sunset.

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