klimt, boots, and ludwig van


dear Erik,
I'm getting a hole in Last year's christmas sock.
My days have been bathwater over the rim,
but i've been working toward my dreams
and bailing out obligations one at a time.
Must not sleep.
Must warn others.
That said, the time i spend woodworking has finally begun to pay off.
Etsy is the elderly benefactor I've been looking for.
Soon I'll don those 7 league boots and start working people's nerves.
If there's one thing I've learned from etsy though,
it's that the clothes in Klimt's paintings are better off staying hypothetical.
I'll call him a good post-impressionist,
but his sense of fashion leaves one wanting.

I cannot wait for the days when we and Jay will share a studio.
Eliza will bake cakes and pastries for the masses (let them eat it),
and Kelsey will be Luft-posting artwork out like the end of the internet.
We'll accidentally pour orange-juice into our cereal and laugh about it.
We'll french-press our way to the drafting tables.
We'll play Ludwig Van and we will have the greenday-time-of-our-live.

Days are long and mine's not halfway through.
Yours with a firm handshake,
collin in the morning

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