Pristina, Clinton, Carter, and U.S. Hegemony

Dear Rachel, October, 2011
Jimmy Carter wore his Cardigans
and I am getting a pair of New Shoes.
As to the battle between Idealism and Realism:
if idealist Revolutionaries kidnap me to protest U.S. Hegemony,
then i will tie the blindfold myself
and hold to my Anti-Realist Rational.
I try my best, at least to try.

That said, Kids these days tend me to reverse my speeches
and want to move to the Balkans.
If the Kosovars still have Bill Clinton statues,
then clearly they believe in Something.
Bedsides- grandpas play with kids in the streets,
and Pristina's abandoned buildings are about as thrilling as any city has to offer.
I want to spend my months in Eastern E.
and I'm restless to be uprooted.
do you think there is fear in addict-travelers?
I guess there is fear in everyone.
Till sometime,
Collin and The Pale Blue Atlas Club.


Erik Riley

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  1. Easter Europe is lovely and especially Pristinia. Move there and revel in the statues of bill clinton