made a fire, made a wheel, made a snack for later

I spent lunch shouting small talk at my grandparents in a Chinese buffet
while last year's katy perry songs played from speakers in the ceiling.
it's texas, so there are six lanes in every direction,
as well as fried chicken.
the house of my grandparents smells the same,
though it's empty and what is still left will go to goodwill.
I took a coffee cup that used to say alaska on it.
I took a pair of scissors, I took a bouncy ball.
I took an ink stamp and ink. It reads the address of the house,
only backward so that it stamps right.
I also took a broken casio watch.
My grandpa took me to the bank and showed me the things in his safety deposit boxes.
I want one, but i would have nothing to put in it.
I learned that my grandpa should not be allowed to drive.
He said "paper money: if you've seen one,
you've seen them all . . . like alligators"

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