hands, poe, camels, and my education

I have always been an one to have one hand on either pole. the mutually dependent poles or pretension and self loathing: my right and left hands, respectively.
These two friends move in and out like lovers, weave in and out like traffic, heave in and out like sickness, and sometimes they will take turns taking naps.

I've never minded because the ups are as up as the downs are down. and ups this up don't come every generation. I might even go so far as to say the good times get their credibility from their reverse. And i have never felt unsafe.

But now there has been coffee poured into a cup that was not yet emptied, the birds are weak and weary from trying to beat the snow, and i am walking in the rain with my head down, only without the rain.

Please do not accuse me of not living life to the fullest. Do not hint at a lack of appreciation.
This is the education I am paying for. This is the base and i teach myself the rest.
Some goes unlearned, but we cannot speak to every soul we pass. We cannot fall in love with every long haired angel that rides by on a bicycle. or if we do, we cannot tell each one..

Remember that those rich in life cannot settle down young. Yeah, it's easier to fit a cigarette through the eye of a needle.
The glow in our eyes comes in waves, and sometimes my love of life is stacked on dunnage near the city docks, and God is quiet as the snow.

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