sudexo and Decarte's mohito

So there i was in a well fitted dress-shirt and french cut suit. My arm was across the back of the seat next to me and my body language spelled ass-hole. Heads turned toward me and i was saying 'well, my thinking is this: Peter Pan had a business model of 'never grow up' and a 100% success rate. So if we were to implement a similar model, we as students would be set up for a more successful academic career.'

I was telling the student caucus that , yes, it is a good idea to give me a grant to put a bouncy-ball in everyone student's mailbox. I told myself that i would choose the college with the most welcoming google-image library. But as it is, i am hogtied to a generation of good-not-great, and it's rare to find people who follow around their passions. It isn't a complaint; it is descriptive, but yes, it is sad. I only follow a few of my passions and sometimes it is hard not to laugh. It takes weeks to get alone and it it's hard to take things seriously, so maybe i just went to the first college that seemed like it would attract girls.

Late one night at Christmas time, I was home and talking with my sisters. Kelsey said something that was in no way funny and was the first to take the smirk out of the subject. "really" she said "i think that people only get one life, so you should follow your dreams. If you really want to pursue treasure hunting then there is not reason not to try to make it work." I will write about angora farm soon.

The head of sudexo came to me in a dream. I had been working too much at too many jobs and was dispassionate about class, i was staying up till two in the wood-shop, and public safety would come and watch me work. I was sleeping in my bed and in my dream, the owner of Sudexo asked "what would you do tomorrow, if you knew that you were the only person who would ever have a choice." I started to cry, and i will not tell you what i answered.

But here i am, in school and both loving it and restless. I'll listen to cab callaway at 5:20 walking to work. In the afternoon, friends call out from their windows and that's enough to make my day. People pass out cookies, and this is the American dream But some people can sense the preoccupation in my eyes, the dispossession in my laughter, and yes, this is the American dream.

We are in college so that we can talk about the Cartesian split between emotion and intellect. We can laugh about Decarte's Mohito and add color to our expository facebook pages. I am in school because, call it gullibility or grace, i tend to believe the things that people tell me.

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