the shallow sighting divots on either end.

When you are there, it becomes easy to reach out toward sleep. the artificial sleep that comes against a backpack and a sweater. Sometimes the only way to sleep is in the front seat, or if you wear a thick hat so the window does not rattle your skull. you eat for breakfast what you ate for breakfast the day before and you will eat this again for lunch and for dinner. As you drive, you will be humbled by great expanse of woods and mountains: otherwise untouched but for a never-ending clear-cut trench which lies home to a series of towers and telephone line. It will come in and out of view as it and you both string your ways across the mountains. Then once, and only briefly, you will come into your place in line. the Wire crosses the road over you, and on on the peaks to either side, the small hollows on each ridge will line up like the shallow sighting divots on either end of a barrel of shot. the moment will then be over.

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