Jamie I killed the robot and i'm sorry

this is not self deprecating, neither is it pretentious. this is descriptive; on my headstone will sit the word 'Frantic' under which will say 'part time friend.'

this will be my epitaph.
under that will be transcribed in decreasing eye-exam lettering:

part time musician of coffee, part time fisherman with apple-pie,
part time reader, part time mayor, part time crook and trespasser,
part time toy-maker and writer of childrens-books,
part time maker of nothings and climber of trees,
part time absenthe, part time grocery list,
part time luthier, drank coffee like an underage hemmingway,
drank coffee till his teeth hurt, drank coffee with his roommate,
part time traveler of graffiti, part time washer of dinner dishes,
part time designer, part time builder who listened to music,
part time leader of the lost boys, part time street performer,
part time bore and bored as hell, part time blue collar,
part time critic of anything with an age,
part time man who thumbed a lift, part time pounder of pavement,
part time cyclist, car owner, skateboarder, roller-skater, air-ballooning oarsman
part time aficionado, part time fighter of fires,
part time side-lining fanny price, cluny brown mentality,
part time brickfoot, part time It-was-me-who-let-the-dogs-out,
part time modernist, dada short-haired-one,
part time sears-roebuck, part time I-guess-it-was-raining-last-time-
part time recontextualist, part time good with kids,
part time wanted-to-be-alone-when-not, part time the reverse,
part time Jamie-I-killed-the-robot-and-I'm-sorry,
part time cynic, romantic, one who stands at windows,
typographer, lost soul, underachiever, over inflated sense of self worth,

and at that point, the script will already be too small for anyone to read.
the scribbles will continue a ways, illegible.
I will have spread myself this thin.

but jane austin believed that
there are as many forms of love as there are moments in time.
and forgive me for talking about death,
how can you blame me after twenty-something years
of brushing my teeth until my gums bleed?


  1. collin i love you. and there's no comma after your name because there is no pause in that sentiment. wish it wasn't a forever since i've spoken with you. but i'm always wishing that- so i decided to attempt to make that wish come true. anyway.. on a side note.. i randomly came across this today- thought you might find it interesting: http://1000journals.com/index.php?view=Journals%2FIndex

    ~d'un jour à l'autre, d'ici et d'ailleurs, rêveuse~
    (lydia o.)