Weddings, wildflowers, and clipper-ship collisions

I skipped town this week to witness the minor collision of clipper-ship lovers- take the splintered lumber and build a new boat. Two become one, and retreat is not an option. This is beautiful. Smile: I know you think so too.

This sort of thing is the culmination of beautiful love. you either say good-bye, or promise not to. When you promise not to, you are promising more. "I'll hand toilet-paper through the door when you run out." and "I will not pick and choose which parts of you to get to know." This cannot be done. Either you get to know someone fully, or you hit a block. Sometimes that block is: you live somewhere else, or: you've never spoken. I got to know a little boy this weekend and my obstacle was this: I did not get to know him, i just asked for a picture. Do you want to see it? Here it is.

I found myself picking wildflowers in a field. My sister was there and she was doing the picking. It started to rain. there was a river on what might have been the west end of the field and once the rain hit hard in the surrounding trees, the sound on the leaves made the river seem to pass in every direction. My hair was matted to my face and i walked along the river. Under my feet, the needles were soft and each fallen tree seemed untouched since it's youth. There was talking in my head and when i returned to some favorite people, it went away.

I had brought an Eye-Patch to the wedding. I felt inspired and ordered it on amazon the week before. I brought it. Then the Bride's Brother was stung by a bee on the eye and needed an eye patch. I had one and said so. Instant hero. This is a true story. Maybe you still don't believe me. I don't mind.

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