the snow that soon will fall.

I woke up like a beetle. I woke up on my back and it took the better part of three pages to roll up off my exoskeleton, and i had to use my desk and drawers to support myself. The proceeding day was thus. I had a test and obligations but i could not get used to the way my body felt. the way it felt to move each leg and the new angle at which i viewed the sun.

But then it was over and i stepped outside. Everthing was different and things were new colours. colours they had never been before, but also colours i had never quite seen: as if the snow had started but had not landed. The snow was still in the air, only there was no snow: Just an added white to every colour and to the leaves and the outside lines of people's hairs. I was in a medievil christmas illumination and jesus was climbing trees behind me. I felt a kind of wonder and began to mutter to myself. I wrote with my voice and i knew that i would not be able to remember the things that i was speaking but it was alright and the winter was on its way.

I wore a scarf for what felt like the first time and made espresso in the common room. There were people reading and someone rushed in to get to the compost. Another asked why he was in such a hurry and his words were these: "I realized yesterday that I f-cked up, and-" (he looked at his watch), "- in three minutes, i am going to go admit that."

It's an alright world if people still admit when they are wrong. So I took two peaches and an Apple and left my dorm, finding friends to cook with, and ended the night, being not-especially-productive, in the woodshop.

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