neitzsche, police, dada, and J the Baptist's head.

Dear Morning Self,
I appreciate your concern, but please never underestimate the value of the things that have no given use. Say goodbye to reason: DaDa is here! After spending hours this evening on the finer details of a classical guitar neck, I turned my focus to creating a beautiful and useless thing. Look at it- I left it on my desk. It is beautiful and it is useless.

And yet beauty itself has an endless number of values. Just think of Salome. And of art and music and the wind. Beauty cannot be touched. And since it cannot be explained: it cannot be explained away.

I was on a walk this summer. I was passing the Kenai Municipal Police Building and in the lot i saw two officers. I remember both were strikingly young. They wore their firearms, and one sported a bullet-proof vest. They held between them a wide, blue and crumpled rain-tarp and i watched them as they worked to fold it. It took some time and in that time, I felt with conviction that the world is young and melancholy and I could not help but think of childhood and of Nietzsche staying up late and writing, "there is a realm of truth and being, but reason is excluded from it."
Yours always,

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