Let's Ditch this Pancake Nation

Dear Collin,
Please don't think of yourself as an aesthete- it is the first step in a road that will soon find you breakfasting alone. You will frequent the small-town kind of place that plays the radio and mispronounces 'pecan'- and you will grow to dislike orange marmalade. Before long you will we able to justify the evenings you spend alone, and though your ego will be tickled by the various social invitations you receive, people will be discouraged that you always decline and will cease to bother inviting you. The people you love will get married without you and the places you have been will have changed- if they have not already. you will die young and your guitar will be sold by your landlady to that musted pawnshop.

You will not be remembered as self actualized. You will not be remembered. You will at least have been alive and had chances, but paper ages, and we both know this. . .
You may think of yourself as defiantly driving golf-balls into the many faces of gentrification and peer-pressure, but no- the tap comes out hot and will burn the fingers you try to wash: Gentrification has won. Boys now float Rafts on ponds, as all the rivers have been dammed or privatized. Try to buy land without a nice pair of shoes. try to cross that street there. the pancake cards are stacked and it is not your turn to cut the deck.
You in the morning.


  1. Reading these things that you write on here and how you write them is one the the things that I have been enjoying most in life.

  2. I echo Kelsey's comment. I have a new address now if you'd like to write...1908 14th ave E, Seattle WA 98112. miss you.