St peter doesn't take power-naps

Dear Hugo,
Do you think we are affected by our missionary school's Zombie-film mentality of "Must Not Sleep; Must Warn Others?" I know I for one feel like i need to always be producing and be able to justify any extra sleep that i am able to scrap together. Go Go Go! St. Peter doesn't need power-naps.

I said Goodbye to my beloved Friend Roy nearly six years ago and have seen him only seldom since- but his writings turn up from time to time. More often, though, mutual friends feel the need to tell me how seldom the 'meaning' of his writing gets out. It's about the transformative process of reading the thing: right? I've been unpacking and i hope it's true, because i have been digging out old college papers that will swing your emotions like church-bells, but which are more like jam-and-toast than an academic essay.

Merritt and Roy and I used to take Walks in the evening and sometimes talk and not one of us was stable, but merritt was confident, i was gentle, and roy was passionate and now i know that my writings are about as approachable as theirs. Maybe more pretentious- but i like theirs, so i will not complain. At least there is a confidence.

I've included a sample of a freshman year paper for your enjoyment

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