skip the city, you can't miss a chance you don't have.

It's safer to run with scissors than to travel to the city. In the city, you will see so many people you recognize and know in the faces of people you don't. someone will pass you wearing chanel #5, someone wearing Axe's Africa, someone in old spice original, and someone wearing Burberry London. the surreal begins, and it is not long before someone passes and a singular smell lingers: the smell of you: one that reminds you of yourself. Do you recognize how much of a disconect is needed to be reminded of yourself? And do you recognize the how, in this way, a disconect can be unnerving. The city is unnerving. You will cry and, at times, get coffee. You will fall in love, as you often enough will with VDM syndrom, but it will be bad enough you will not sleep after, and you will begin to speak in absolutes. The Most; the First; Always.
chances will come in the city,
and you will pass or mess them up.
You can write, and, rewriting, right them.
reright them, coffee spoon them into your journal, which i label 'regrets'.
you can sleep them off.
Sometimes you will have to tell yourself you missed the chance
so as to learn to take the next one.
but as each day passes, you will have fewer chances left.

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