mineworkers eating unrinsed salad

this is me with kristoff pointing southwest in rome

Dear Collin,
You trying to remember all you can is a distraction. You have always prided yourself on your ability to be wholly where you are, with whomever you are there with: which,m in context, makes your forgetfulness a godsend. Remember how you would stare at the bretzels before you ate them? It did you little good to try to remember the taste- it was always enough to know that you had always liked them, and would continue to. the taste has not and will not change.

You need to go to sleep now because at 5:30 you will be up and unloading boxes In the store-rooms. You are an Argentinian Mine-worker and your distracting recalls are the grit in the un-rinsed salad of life.

Don't forget to go back to your room at some point tomorrow. Write back in the morning- when you will share a different temperament. It is strongest, as you know, in either half-light.
You always,

ps- thank you for ordering 40 dollars worth of stamps- they came in the mail today, though the Romare Bearden stamps were out of stock.

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