Aesop's fabled 'Rabbit'

My mother told me 'collin, no one lusts after the volkswagon golf like you do.'

there is no doubt in my mind: this is the right one for me. can't imagine stepping out of any other car. give me faded red or yellow, a 5 speed stickshift and fuzzy speakers and I will give you the world. Life is young and i will complete the full circle cyclical system of "my-parents-drove-this-car-and-so-will-I." It is a Timeless and Inevitable thing of life.

ours was white like this and dappled with rust and in it's last years squeeled like a child when it slowed or stopped. The Golf, the GTi, the Rabbit, what we knew as the 'Wild Boar'
'If you need a car' said a voice on the phone, 'i am leaving England and need get rid of one.'
'oh' said my dad on the other end.
'if you can get to Harwich before tomorow night, it's yours'. they did and my father drove it onto the ferry and off at Hook Van Holland. Then drove it home. Three times it took us, loaded with belongings, from brussels to Kandern and back. It was the scene of my first collision, and in and with this car i learned to read, earning Pogs of pages and slowly unraveling the meaning of TinTin's Pictures.

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