the thankless sea forks over a Nikon or the likes

Today the sea is like the way the dutch speak english.
all the same, the fog is so thick that there is neither land nor ship in sight
and today, like somedays, fishing is a cold and thankless job.
a job that starts you at five, half in the fish hold, half crawled into the engine hatch,
hand sponging blood into a bucket.

I know I'll miss it in a month though.
and what's more it will keep me in school another year and even,
(my 6 followers will be thrilled)
buy me a camera.

with a camera I will take pictures like these:


  1. horrah!
    and i made 300 italian meatball hoagies today. i savored one for you.

  2. i am thrilled!

    I would buy a camera if I could as well :)