The Kenai Public Library with Frogs

Welcome to the Grand Reopening of the Kenai Public Library. A speech from the mayor, lunch and cake and giant frogs. there a Trio of strings, and half the town is here, but the truth of the matter is that the library has been closed for only two weeks.
Today it's the kind of place where you walk and squint your eyes, smiling, because children are laughing, and the violins and cello are sweet and because it is not poorly designed.
Poorly immagined, maybe, in my opinion: but bold, and well enough executed.

Free food is enough to bring me anywhere, but free bags and Candy and former city council membors (read: interesting old people) will make me nostalgic and make me want to live here.
The demographics too, at a public library, cannot be beat- the young and the old and those in the middle who are still excited to learn or who do not have computers.

while I'm here, and in the spirit of the day, here are some books you should read.

the book of laughter and forgetting- Milan Kundera.
The breakfast of champions- Kurt Vonnegut
Letters to Emma Bowlcut- Bill Callahan*
Letters between Vincent and Theo*
The Sun Also Rises- Ernest Hemmingway
1984- George Orwell
Winner Take Nothing- Ernest Hemmingway
Herzog- Saul Bellow*
the Austere Academy- Lemony Snicket

*(still chomping through)


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  2. oh i love this all so much, are the giant frogs meant to be frog and toad? Also, I love the handwriting on the note left at your campsite.
    all our love.

  3. Oh, how I miss the Kenai Public Library! Remember when you all brought North and South back to the camper and we all curled up and watched it? Such great memories! Please say hi to the library for me and curl up and read a good book. I'm missing home...