I'm going north, the rush is on.

---I'm leaving today on the start of my second Alaskan Expedition. I'll take the 1am Bus from savannah to meet a ride on from nasheville. I'll be with my kid sister for a few days, and with others- some of whom I've known, and doubtless: some I have forgotten. There will be a Wedding near Winona lake. I will always love a wedding. The wedding will be immediately followed by as non-stop a trip as can be mustered by William McCollum, Erik Higgins, Domino, and myself. We will see the northern US, Western Canada, the Yukon, and finally drive down through Alaska, settling in Kenai.
---If memory serves as any indication, we can expect the trip to feel two dimensional, and to be circumscribed by Mountain goats, Moose, Rabbits, Bears, and beauty.
---Around our respective fishing vessels, we can expect to be met by seals, seagulls, puffins, salmon, and the occasional Whale. The View will hold Terns and the like, with a panorama of national forests and several humbling volcanoes.

Arctic Terns are my favorite bird.

please illustrate this to yourself

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