Eat when you're hungry and sleep when you're too tired to drive.

I am sitting at a hill which overlooks the harbor. the Fishermen are icing their Holds, and the seaguls are taunting them. Yesterday Was spent on our campsite, just into a small patch or woods near an abandonned cannery, and just as near to the docks as you can be without being at them. I hauled up this hill the shell of an old washing machine and two rusted Oil Drums. The former acts as a writing dest, and the Barrells as it's benches. When the Wind is low we four play cards there, and someday soon we hope to make friends.
Driving up was like Toothepaste.

The Car made it and we learned well how to sleep in the Backseat and elsewhere. We'd start to worry about running out of gas once the tank was half-ful. We'd eat when we were hungry and sleep when we were too tired to drive. The soundtrack, if you would like to know, included alot of boniver, decemberists and mumford and suns in the morning. In the evening: house. Nothing sounds so much like home without sounding like my house itself.
We swam in a snowmelt, crystal lake, and if you want a listing, we saw 2 black bears, 7 moose, Dear, Rabbit, a wolf, and 54 Bison. All Wild.
If you don't want a listing, I've included a picture.

The lakes were Clear and Mirrors and above them the mountains were the kinds that make people want spearmint gum.

Tomorrow we'll leave our mooring at 4 am and the Prices look Good.

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  1. collin, you're still such a good writer. it's really too bad we missed each other before - and i understand if it doesn't work to come back that way. i didn't know you had a blog! i actually have one too! i felt really cheesy starting it, but it has been good therapy in a sense. have a GREAT time in alaska!